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Amazon Claims Its Employees Aren’t Robots, Then Makes a V-Day Video About Robot Love

Amazon is ostensibly dedicated to proving that it believes its workers are greater than robots. So it made a Valentine’s Day video about how robots can not love.


For the primary time, Amazon explains how love works

Nearly extra American than the Thanksgiving parade is the custom of huge manufacturers discovering attention-grabbing tactics to sign up for the flurry of holiday-centric rebranding campaigns that abound the media panorama a number of instances in line with 12 months. But Amazon’s try to scoop further V-J Day exposure simply … grew to become on itself.

Amazon’s new quick video, entitled “The love behind your order,” stars two Amazon warehouse robots falling in love, sharing spaghetti, getting comfortable in a film theater, and after all status on the finish of a pier, possibly observing out throughout placid waters, hoping to instill a sense of aspirational romance, or the robotic an identical.

But as a substitute of romance, the robotic fans appear to put across a way more sinister theme.

They really feel suicidal.

Immediately following this flip, a narrator’s voice says “Robots don’t fall in love…” after which, because the machines walking by means of a human couple, the voice says that handiest human warehouse employees can.

A weblog put up accompanied the video on Amazon’s website online, during which the corporate highlights real-life romances skilled by means of a collection of its warehouse workers.

However, in 2020 it is tough to mention whether or not in-house affairs are touching, or in some way deeply miserable. The latter feels truer.

“Robot love” might be irony, and likewise an oxymoron

There is one thing deeply ironic about Amazon developing a video about warehouse robots discovering real love, handiest to blow their own horns to their human opposite numbers, who, opposite to the voice (of Amazon, possibly) to this point, are in some way much less human for seeing it.

This rings very true when making an allowance for the grievance Amazon has won for mistreating its warehouse employees. Just like robots.

Naturally, we all know robots do not possess sentience, which means that those within the video don’t and will by no means know a lover’s aware embody. One may just say the similar about Amazon.

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