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Blind Woman Plays Video Game Thanks to Implant That Jacks Directly into the Brain

What if blindness may well be cured by way of an implant that bypasses the retina and is going immediately into the mind? This is the machine that Eduardo Fernandez, director of neuro-engineering at the University of Miguel Hernandez, has advanced, in accordance to MIT Technology Review.


A promising generation

The leading edge new generation was once examined on Bernardeta Gómez, who suffers from poisonous optic neuropathy and has been blind for 15 years. She was once ready to acknowledge lighting fixtures, letters, shapes, other people, or even to play a online game.

Fernandez’s generation is new. Gómez is the first to take a look at it. His method is promising as it bypasses the eye and optical nerves.

Previous analysis tried to repair blindness by way of growing a man-made eye or retina, and it labored. However, there was once one downside.

The majority of blind other people do not want a man-made eye since their injury lies with the nerve machine connecting the retina to the again of the mind. This is the place jacking immediately into the mind turns into very helpful.

Achieving this purpose may appear far-fetched, however the underlying ideas at the back of Fernandez’s method were utilized in human-electronic implants for years.

“Right now,” Fernandez mentioned to MIT Technology Review, “we have many electric devices interacting with the human body. One of them is the pacemaker. And in the sensory system, we have the cochlear implant.”

Now, Fernandez hopes to take a look at the machine in additional other people. “Berna was our first patient, but over the next couple of years we will install implants in five more blind people,” mentioned Fernandez. “We had done similar experiments in animals, but a cat or a monkey can’t explain what it’s seeing.”

The generation does include headaches. Surgery is needed to set up the machine, which is all the time dangerous, after which one to take away it because it hasn’t been licensed for longer use. Still, for the overwhelming majority of the visually impaired, the dangers are price the result.

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