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Brave Violinist Plays Violin During Brain Surgery

A certified violinist performed the violin whilst surgeons at King’s College Hospital in London got rid of a mind tumor, says the Associated Press.


Violinist performs her manner thru mind surgical operation

Doctors of the violinist, a 53-year-old named Dagmar Turner, mapped her mind pre-op to find spaces energetic whilst taking part in the violin, and likewise spaces in regulate of language and motion purposes. The docs then woke her mid-procedure, so she may play to “ensure the surgeons did not damage any crucial areas of her brain that controlled Dagmar’s delicate hand movements,” whilst they got rid of the tumor, mentioned the sanatorium in a commentary reported by means of TIME.

“We knew how important the violin is to Dagmar, so it was vital that we preserved function in the delicate areas of her brain that allowed her to play,” mentioned her neurosurgeon, Keymoumars Ashkan. “We managed to remove over 90% of the tumor, including all the areas suspicious of aggressive activity, while retaining full function in her left hand.”

Turner performs within the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra and several other choral societies and left the sanatorium 3 days later. She hopes to rejoin her orchestra in a while, and praised Ashkan, who additionally loves song.

“The thought of losing my ability to play was heart-breaking but, being a musician himself, Professor Ashkan understood my concerns,” she mentioned to Time. “He and the team at King’s went out of their way to plan the operation — from mapping my brain to planning the position I needed to be in to play.”

The mind surgical operation violinists have a canon

Believe it or no longer, this has took place earlier than. In 2014, skilled violinist Roger Frisch performed his violin all through mind surgical operation, in keeping with a CNET document. His surgeons — on the Mayo Clinic Neural Engineering Lab — labored to implant a mind pacemaker, in hopes of steadying Frisch’s hand tremors.

The implant is typically used to regard illnesses like Parkinson’s, main despair, Tourette syndrome, tremors, and persistent ache. The surgical operation was once a good fortune, and Frisch performed with the Minnesota Orchestra 3 quick weeks later.

Whether it is to save lots of musical presents or repair them, taking part in the violin all through mind surgical operation is a sobering reminder of simply how magnificent the mind is — and, by means of implication — our rapidly-advancing clinical talent to maintain it.

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