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Robodog Drags “Mythbusters” Co-Host Adam Savage Around in Rickshaw

Former co-host of the hit “Mythbusters” display and YouTube superstar Adam Savage has built a one-person rickshaw carriage, so his Boston Dynamics Spot robotic can drag him round.

Let’s now not ask why Savage seems to desire robots as servants.


Spot the robotic canine pulls Adam Savage up a hill

The engineering company Boston Dynamics made Spot to be had on the market in September 2019. Since then, the robotic has observed wide-spanning and imaginative packages. The oil manufacturer Aker BP introduced previous this week that Spot will likely be examined on a Norwegian oil rig, below the steering of an AI device corporate. The Massachusetts Police Force could also be rumored to be sporting out experiments with Spot robots.

Spot the robotic who carries that weight

In the video, Savage says this experiment took place as a result of he sought after to provide the robotic a role that used to be “fun and evocative and strange … and hilarious.” The robotic, Spot, does not possess the payload capability to hold him, so Savage determined to construct himself a rickshaw, to percentage his weight.

Displaced through the 2 customized cartwheels, Spot is in a position to pull Savage partway up a gravel trail — till the greater weight of the incline will get the simpler of Spots tenuous steel joints.

A tech assistant explains later that Spot did not in fact “know” he used to be sporting further weight — which makes one marvel what the state-of-the-art robotic can do when it is aware of the rating.

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