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YouTuber Tears Down Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to Find the Promised Glass Material

Man units on a grand journey to to find the Samsung’s new turn telephone’s mysterious “physics bending” ultra-thin glass subject material.

With each and every corporate on Earth getting their palms on development them, turn telephones are formally again. Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip is the latest one to sign up for the birthday celebration, and naturally, it got here with a large number of guarantees.¬†

The release video promised a¬†modern, logo new, “physics bending”, and ultra-thin glass subject material, on the other hand, pressure exams made via other folks throughout the web went so dangerous that they led many of us into considering that it’s most commonly constituted of plastic. Several others commented that it does not really feel or act as a pitcher shape would.

This YouTuber went on a grand adventure to to find the promised glass, and naturally, the best means to do this used to be conceivable thru destruction.

We are not looking for to smash the finishing, on the other hand, we will be able to simply say that the deficient foldable telephone is going thru so much. To be again from the 90s to bear such ache… Yuck!

We will have to additionally point out that the video makes for an excellent, most definitely involuntary, ASMR video. You will have to pop your earphones in prior to observing it.

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